-the system is designed for designing windows, doors and shop

windows with high thermal insulation parameters  

- high thermal insulation power was achieved by applying special

thermal inserts slid between thermal separators and around the

glass pane

-large number of shapes in the system guarantees obtaining

desired appearance and structural strength

-option of installing windows in facade systems

-glazing strips available in rectangular and circular variant

-shapes of profiles suitable for installation of various peripheral

hardware, including hidden hinges and pvc hardware

-a wide range of glazing allows using all types of single and

double cavity, acoustic and anti-burglary glass panes

-profile drainage in two variants: traditional and hidden

-the system is desiged for use in residential and public buildings,

and also allows designing modern window solutions in multiple


-design of systems IP i, IP i+ is based on proven, extensive and

recognized base system Imperial

-a wide range of colours available - RAL palette, structural

colours, Aliplast Wood Colour Effect, bi-colour.

Aliplast window IMPERIAL I+