Aluplast Ideal4000

•70 / 85 mm profile depth

•Thermal insulation value of the standard combinations

Uf value = 1,3 W/m2K

•Glazing thickness up to 41 mm

•Different profile shapes for an individual design

•Design glazing bead for the inside

•Concealed drainage possible

•5-6 chamber profile in the standard combination

•Circumferential backstop gasket in the frame and sash

•Special security hardware guarantees the highest level of

burglary protection

IDEAL 4000®


The IDEAL 4000 system represents a new generation of window

profiles that already now meet the requirements for windows of

tomorrow. It combines the latest technology with the highest

living comfort. Rigid profile design of 70 and 85 mm depth and

large chambers for steel reinforcements ensure optimal static,

thus allow for manufacturing of large windows. The 5-6-chamber

system provides an outstanding thermal and acoustic insulation.

With numerous styling solutions and harmonious design options,

these windows help you express your very own style.

Classic and elegant lines guarantee timeless elegance. The

Round-line system will emphasize your personal design

preferences and impress you with an aesthetic appearance and

it's gentle curves. With their rounded contours, these windows

integrate optimally with modern interiors.

The IDEAL 4000® system can be used in modern, both single-

and multi-family architecture as well as for buildings being

renovated. The filigree frame and great profile optics enlarge the

glazing sur­face for even more light.